Human Performance Training

For this project, I created a performance improvement campaign as part of my Fundamentals of Human Performance Technology course. This project built on the project from the previous semester where I had to create a training program on managing disruptive behavior in class for new faculty at a fictitious university. The performance improvement campaign aims to help new lecturers implement classroom management strategies that they learned about in the training program into their own teaching and to decrease the high turnover rate among new faculty members.

The project tasks involved:

  • Creating a performance needs assessment
  • Creating a high-level design for the performance improvement campaign
  • Developing the detailed design of the non-instructional interventions
  • Producing and editing a demo video for the campaign

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Project Objectives

For the performance needs assessment, I had to determine what the issues were causing the performance problem by carrying out a cause analysis.

For the high-level design, I created eight interventions that would help solve the performance problem.

For the demo video, I created a 30-second video to promote the performance improvement campaign and the intervention developed in the high-level design.

For the detailed design, I developed the Guide the Way Mentorship program as it combines several interventions. The document presents the mentor and mentee materials and outlines the components of the program.

Personal Reflection

This project was one of the most challenging ones in this program. Writing the performance needs assessment was a lengthy process and involved multiple components. The cause analysis required some research and deep reflection to uncover the root cause of the performance problem.

I enjoyed creating this short demo video. There were many features available on the Rocketium platform. However, using software like Adobe Premiere Pro would have allowed me to further customize and edit every aspect of my video. One of the biggest changes I faced while making this video was trying to get the message across in just 30-seconds. Getting the timing right for each scene required some careful editing and manipulating the audio levels accordingly.

The detailed design was the task that I enjoyed working on the most. I was able to draw on my prior knowledge and experience as a teacher dealing with disruptive classroom behavior. I was also able to improve my design skills by using Adobe Illustrator to create images and forms.  One aspect that was challenging was to find how to frame the concept of promoting and recruiting mentors on a voluntary basis. Thanks to the peer feedback I received I was able to rework the idea so that faculty members would want to participate due to the incentives for doing so.