One Hundred Iterations Project

The purpose of the One Hundred Iterations Project was to create different designs that represent our perspective on the topic of “Digital Media.”

Design Process

I created four images that illustrate the concept of digital media including: what is digital media, evolution of digital media, a world of possibilities are your fingertips, and the world on your mind. The project instructions were to create designs that highlight our individualized perception of digital media as well as someone else’s.

I used icons and symbols to visually represent the topic. I tried to keep consistency in the image colors, so I used mostly blue icons or backgrounds as it is a universally favored color in design.

I tried to incorporate some universal design principles including highlighting, color, and iconic representation in my designs. I used Adobe Photoshop to create my designs. A description of the design process used for each design is provided below.

1. What is digital media?

I created this image as a representation of what digital media is and how it can be illustrated. I selected a free licensed image that has coding numbers to represent the idea of digital. Then, I added icons of various types of media that people would think about when referring to digital media. I tried to follow the principle of color as many icons are originally blue, and I wanted to keep consistency and unison.

2. D-M Wi-Fi

I created this image to represent the evolution of media transmission. Each section of the Wi-Fi bars highlights a more traditional method of transmitting media including the printing press, the radio, and the television. The cellphone in the circular part represents how media is now transmitted. I found images of each type of media and its components and then arranged them in the designated areas on the Wi-Fi bars.

3. A World of Possibilities at your Fingertips

This image represents the way I perceive digital media, which is as a source of information that is accessible and allows for interactivity. I took a picture of my cellphone in my hand. I added icons of digital media and added a flare as a highlighting technique to draw attention to the phone. I added drop shadows to make it look like the icons were popping out of the phone.

4. The World on your Mind

This image represents the harmful effect of digital media due to constant connectivity. Some people (as does my boyfriend who is featured as my model) view it negatively because of constant exposure to digital media through various sources that can have adverse impacts on individuals. I added a circular strip around his head with various images and icons of digital media tools as well as whited out his eyes to show that all he is thinking about is digital media.

Design Challenges

The main challenge was deciding on how to interpret the instructions and the vision I wanted to follow. As I had to work alone on this project, I feel like it was challenging because I did not have a partner to brainstorm ideas with. Although, in terms of design challenges, I did not experience any significant issues as I feel comfortable using Photoshop tools I used for this project. I did find it a little challenging to properly align icons in a realistic manner that would make them look like they are floating in the air. I also think that I may have missed out on some additional instructions and constructive feedback on my designs given the fact that I was not able to attend class and present my creations. I dealt with this challenge by contacting the teaching assistant to clarify the instructions.

Personal Reflection

I think that the most valuable lesson I got out of this experience is realizing how valuable it can be to work in groups. I often prefer to work individually because I feel that I can complete work more efficiently that way. However, if you are unsure of what to create, this is not a useful aspect and can actually delay your process. Because I had more time to work on the project, I had the opportunity to explore some of Adobe Photoshop's tools I hadn't previously used.