Professional Development Courses

Below is a list of all the Graduate and Professional Skills Workshops I have completed at Concordia University.

Software and Web Tools:

  • GPDI 508-Introduction to Adobe Photoshop                                                      
  • GPDI 511-Intermediate Adobe Photoshop                                                             
  • GPDI 505-Intermediate Microsoft Excel                                                
  • GPDI 510-Advanced Microsoft Excel                                                       
  • GPDI 510-Advanced PowerPoint           

Leadership and Management:

  • GPLD 146- Managing People’s Performance
  • GPLD652- Introduction to Knowledge Management


  • GPTL 726- What’s Blended Learning
  • GPTK 739- Strategies for Classroom Management
  • GPTK 757- Planning your First Day of Class
  • GPTK 764- How to be an Effective Teaching Assistant